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Scratch Me Silly

Scratch Me Silly

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Scratch Me Silly is the "Ultimate Belly Scratching Tool" and so much more. Built tough, this unique tool performs as an animal enrichment AND desensitizing tool.

And it's not just for horses - ALL KINDS of barnyard, domestic and zoo animals will LOVE Scratch Me Silly.  Additionally, it's outstanding for people to comfortably scratch their feet to help increase blood flow! 

What exactly is it?
Scratch Me Silly is a new and ergonomically friendly Scratcher Extender whose 32-inch length allows the user to stand upright and scratch the belly of the animal while remaining at a safe distance from its hind legs. Scratch Me Silly only weighs 17 ounces and is triangularly shaped, with rounded corners. One end is larger, for bigger animals while the other is tailored toward our smaller animals.

In addition to being the BEST Belly Scratcher on the market, Scratch Me Silly is also used by physically challenged people to connect with their animals. And, it is simply fabulous for use in any Person/Animal Therapeutic Program. You can easily apply shampoo so as to scratch and shampoo at the same time and when applied, the animal will raise its back thereby raising its core and strengthening the back muscles.
Scratch Me Silly is great at relaxing any animal and can be covered for use in applying medication to a sore area on the belly.

When introducing the Scratch Me Silly tool to your animal, please use reasonable care and approach the animal slowly until it has been desensitized.

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